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Hops Services

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The Bineyard harvests hops with our Wolf-140 converted into a Wolf-170, harvesting up to 170 bines an hour.

Cost: $125/hour


Our oast dries a full acre of hops in 8 hours, and can dry anything you give us.

Cost: coming soon


Yup, you heard correctly, we pelletize too! Our pelletizer is a hops specific unit manufactured by Lawson Mills to produce the highest quality T-90 pellets.

amount (lbs)cost / lb
1 - 100$3.00
101 - 500$2.75
501 - 1000$2.50
1001 - 5000$2.25
> 5000$2.00


Your hops will get packaged in 5-mil Mylar Bags that get Oxygen purged, Nitrogen-flushed and then vacuum-sealed with an industrial grade sealer, making for ultimate Hop Storage Index.

Cost: The cost of packaging including the mylar bags are included within the Pelletizing price above

Trellising Services

The Bineyard offers many different trellising services included but not limited to:
  • Trellis construction including pole placement and wiring
  • Yearly Stringing
Contact Us to see what The Bineyard can do for you
pole placement (dig & set)TBD
backfill & straightenTBD
cut to height & notchTBD
drive ground anchors w/ air hammerTBD
trellis wiringTBD
yearly stringing$1.15/string

Hop Yard Supplies

coir $40 / bundle of 200 ($0.20/string)
w-clips $20 / 200 count ($0.10/clip)

Purchasing Your Hops

Yes, we will purchase your hops from you eliminating your need to market or sell

If you have no interest in selling your hops yourself, we'll take them off your hands while they're still on the bine. Once harvested, we'll pick and dry them on our dime and pay you $8/lb dry weight (straight up - no hidden costs or fees).
Please Contact Us for purchasing availability (based upon availability of Harvester)

Already have processed hops either bailed and/or packaged?
We'll buy those too! Just provide your Alpha/Beta Acid & Essencial Oil numbers to us, if they meet our criteria we'll buy them from you.